Greencourt Software GamePlan sports and recreation software

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GamePlan Software -- Online feature

Please note...
This GamePlan Online feature will be shut down at some point in the future. Current users will be given ample notice before the service is withdrawn. As of March 2018, new registrations (of challenge ladder administrators) are no longer being allowed. This change will not affect other usage of the Windows-based software package.

GamePlan Online is a related service that allows you to operate your challenge ladder on the Internet. You can upload your challenge ladder to the Greencourt Software website, and give your members a web address where they can access the ladder and enter their own results.

(Note: this feature is currently included free with the software, but there may be an additional nominal fee for this service in the future.)

To set up your service, click Internet/Configure. Click the Register button to access the website and set up a GamePlan Online account (a user ID and password). Of course, you must be connected to the Internet to access the website. After you have registered, type your new user ID in the indicated field and click OK.

After you have created a new challenge ladder, or opened an existing ladder file, click Internet/Upload to upload your challenge ladder to the Internet. This saves a copy of your ladder on the website, which can be accessed by your members. The website address (or "URL") that you should give to your members is provided when you create or access your account.

After uploading your challenge ladder, members can access the ladder report, and they can enter their own results, which are immediately posted to the ladder.

During the course of the ladder season, you may need to make changes to the ladder, such as adding or deleting players, modifying various options, etc. Click Internet/Download to obtain an up-to-date copy of your challenge ladder from the Internet. Make your changes, and then upload the ladder again. Note: while you are making these changes, members will be locked out from making changes to the ladder online.

Online Demo
A demo of the online feature is available here, where you can enter match results and see how the online feature operates.