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GamePlan Software

GamePlanTM software is a comprehensive package of three software programs for scheduling and managing sports and recreation events. Although originally developed for tennis, these programs are useful for many other games and sports.

The Challenge Ladder program supports the operation of a challenge ladder, a method of ranking players, and a great way to help people find other players of similar skill levels.

The Tournament Draw program creates a draw for single elimination tournaments, and provides tracking of match results.

The Match Scheduling program can be used to schedule matches for a variety of scenarios:

  • singles and doubles round robin events;
  • mixed doubles events;
  • leagues with "home and away" scheduling;
  • social events ("mixers"), where you would like players to meet as many other players as possible, perhaps with some regard to compatible skill levels;
  • or any manually created and customized match plan.

GamePlan software is a great productivity tool for the event scheduling committee in your club, community, or organization. If you would like some more ideas about using the software for your sports and recreation events, please read some of our event ideas.

Try the free demo version to see the GamePlan software in action. You may also want to consult the user manual for more information.

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